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Dual & Triple Sim Adapter iPhone 4


Pja Enterprise

No. Pendaftaran SSM: 002169739-H


  •     Brand new and high quality.
  •     Easily to switch 2 or 3 SIM cards without turning off the phone.
  •     No need to cut your SIM card.
  •     No data loss when switching 2 or 3 numbers or turning on/off the phone.
  •     User friendly option menu will embed into your phone menu system.
  •     Very simple operation, easy plug and play.
  •     Dual Sim Card Adapter for Apple Iphone 4 (4G)
  •     Switching on-line without turning on-off default selection function.
  •     Very simple operation, Easy Plug & Play to Let your iphone 4 get Two SIM         Cards available in single one mobile phone. The adapter connects your             current iPhone's Micro SIM with another normal size SIM card.
  •     No data lose for some mobile phones when switching 2 or 3 numbers or             turning on-off
  •     Special card IC design compatible with all GSM mobile phone.

Size: 8.4cm x 1.5cm.

Price: RM40 (Dual Sim) | RM50 (Triple Sim)

Cara Pembayaran Online

Masukkan RM40 / RM50 ke dalam akaun Maybank/CIMB/Bank Islam:
No. akaun Maybank: 361145039559
No. akaun CIMB: 09010000989108
No. akaun Bank Islam: 07052020155386
(masukkan emel: semasa transfer online)

Kemudian beritahu ikut format di bawah:
1.masa pembayaran
2.jumlah bayaran 
3.reference number jika ada
4.nama penuh
5.alamat telefon
7.jenis (dual sim/triple sim)

Pilih salah satu pemberitahuan:

SMS: 012-5454508 / 013-4839100
WHATSAPP: 0125454508