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1. 2-USB output, charge two devices at the same time.
2. Multi-function,strong compatibility, cost-effective, 4/5 adaptors to connect iPad/iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, MP3, MP4, GPS and other phone at any time and any places.
3. Long working life, recharge for over 500 times.
4. Power technology and intelligent circuit control (charging control, charging protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection).

-Capacity: 12000/20000/30000 mAh
-Voltage: 3.7V
-Input: DC 5.0V-1.0A
-Output: DC 5.0V-1.0A(Normal)/ 2.1A(Fast Charge) 
-Dual USB output, charge 2 devices simultaneously
-Output Voltage (Port A): 5.0V
-Output Current (Port A): 1000mA
-Output Voltage (Port B): 5.0V
-Output Current (Port B): 2100mA
-IC Protection for charging / overcharge / short circuit / discharge
-Circle Time:≥500 Times
-LED indication for battery status
-Size: 174x73x23mm
-Color: White/Black

Package Included:
1 x 12000/20000/30000 mAh Power Bank
1 x USB Cable
4-8 x Adapters

Full charge power bank:
For 12000 mAh charge 10 hours
For 20000 mAh charge 16 hours
For 30000 mAh charge 24 hours

Full charge phone:
For 12000 mAh charge 3-4 times 1500 mAh phone battery
For 20000 mAh charge 6 times 1500 mAh phone battery
For 30000 mAh charge 10 times 1500 mAh phone battery

-For first time usage, drain all the battery and charge for 15-24 hours to activate it's capacity
-30000mAhX80%(power transformation is about 80%, it can't 100% transformation)
-the the power bank output is 5V, and most cellphone battery is 3.7V, so 30000mahX80%X(3.7V/5V)
-so last the available power is about 15000-18000mAh

12000 mAh = 6 months
20000 mAh = 6 months
30000 mAh = 12 months

12000 mAh = RM60
20000 mAh = RM80
30000 mAh = RM100

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